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Inclusive Policy in Practice: HIV Prevention Community Planning in the United States

Author: Jennie Haarsager-Lieske, University of the Sunshine Coast

This dissertation focuses on policy-making practice and the issue of inclusivity. Taking the case of the United States (US) Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Prevention Community Planning program, I am particularly interested in the way that policy was developed to include marginalized and vulnerable groups in an ongoing disease prevention planning process. In particular I seek to investigate the part played by the social movement for gay equality and in the creation and maintenance of inclusivity in HIV Prevention Community Planning.

To investigate the process of policy practice and development I adopt policy ethnography as tool to incorporate policy and social movement studies . This method tracks the historical shift towards inclusion in US HIV prevention policy in the early 1990s, in the context of a more the general shift towards inclusion in public health policies. The overarching aim of the study is to clarify the role of social movements in inclusive policy in the case of this particular policy and planning model.

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