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Caring masculinities and men’s friendships: a comparative study

I investigate the intersections of care, masculinity and men’s friendships comparatively across two locations: Melbourne, Australia and Berlin, Germany. ‘Caring masculinities’ have been posited as an important step towards gender equality. Furthermore, friendship is beginning to be acknowledged as a relationship of sociological importance. I therefore explore these two sites of potentiality – caring masculinities and men’s friendships – and compare how context (in this case Germany and Australia) shapes expressions of masculinity, friendship and care. I do so by drawing on the sociology of intimate lives, critical studies on men and masculinities (CSMM) and feminist theory (especially in relation to care) in order to achieve the following aims:
– Explore care and masculinity beyond the realm of the family by centring young men’s friendships in the analysis.
– Compare expressions of care and masculinity in young men’s lives and friendships in Germany and Australia, and consider the implications of these two cultural contexts for the topics investigated.
– Expand the sociological body of research into friendship in light of feminist theory and CSMM.

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