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Lee, A. (2014). A Question of Momentum – Critical Reflections on Individual Options for Surveillance Resistance. Revista Teknokultura, 11 (2), 425-440.

Abstract: With the increased visibility of global surveillance systems (such as PRISM) to the public, there have been growing calls for more resistance against surveillance. This article critically engages with the options for resistance suggested by Gary T. Marx (2009), focusing on those that affect the social and material circumstances of individuals, and ignoring the symbolic ones. Through this, the role of technological momentum in global surveillance systems, and the high cost of resistance for individuals are highlighted. I argue that because of the technological momentum and cost of resistance, many options for resistance are problematic for individuals.

Keywords: Analysis, global surveillance, individuals, technological momentum.

Lee, A., & Cook, P. S. (2014). The conditions of exposure and immediacy: Internet surveillance and Generation YJournal of Sociology, 1440783314522870.

Abstract: Surveillance through information and communication technologies is an integral part of modernity. However, there has been little research into how surveillance is experienced, with much research focusing on the structural aspects of surveillance. We conducted focus groups with Generation Y internet users to investigate their experiences of internet surveillance. They demonstrate an awareness of and ambivalence about surveillance online, negotiating their digital visibility and exposure against the risks and benefits of using the internet. However, their overwhelming interest and concern is that their online access to desired content is immediate and unfettered. We argue that immediacy has come to dominate how Generation Y understand and negotiate their internet experience, and describe how immediacy outweighs any concerns participants have. This study highlights the need to further explore the experience of surveillance, and the importance of immediacy in understanding sociotechnical systems and experiences..

Keywords: exposure, Generation Y, immediacy, internet surveillance, surveillance, visibility